"The Wolves" (2022)

The Wolves is about escaping into nature to flee from reality for a while. It's characterized by a mix of Pop and traditional Folk elements. 



 "All That's In Between" EP (2021) 

These Songs are influenced by melancholy and hope. They tell stories about sleepless nights, new beginnings, missing signs and the power of music covered in Indie-Folk sound. 

These Nights Music Video

"Winding Roads" EP (2020)

Our new EP "Winding Roads" is officially out now!
On this little collection of 3 Songs, we embraced a full Country Sound for the first time. It's a mix of Folk, Country and Bluegrass. 


Wandering Souls, Singer/ Songwriter Duo, Dreamer, Dreamer EP,  Country Music, Folk Music, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Pop,

Our first EP "Dreamer" (2019)

 To be honest, we couldn't be more proud! The past year we took a lot of time and effort into creating our first CD. We learned a lot during the process and had a lot of support and advise from lovely people we met along the way. Thank you for that! 

We are exited to see where this journey is taking us!!! 


"Dreamer" Live Session